Things I am looking for:


I'm looking for unicorns! Any breed, any gender!
Hestia's Gifts I always seek
Any GAs or RCs, preferably immortal. Especially love coated unicorns and winged unicorns. Let me know if you have any for sale: I would love to strike a deal!
Companions I need: llama, bee, ladybug. Ghosts!!
I will buy any fully-blupped horses (price depends on the horse)
I accept random friend requests, and I love to chat
I try my best to return congratulations. If I miss you, I apologize and thank you in advance for visiting my page!
If you ask for reserved coverings, they will always only be 500 equus
Non-pass buyer, GA/RC collector: two traits that do not work very well together, haha 
Getting GAs and RCs for me is tough, so it's only the rare occasion when they will be for sale. That said, if they are, feel free to offer on them! If they are  not, please do not ask for them <3

Greetings! You can call me Wolf. I am a college girl who has just recently declared a double major in computer science and biology. As you can see from my username, I like wolves and willows. However, not only wolves, but every manner of beast and creature; particularly, I am fascinated by the big cats--tigers, lions, leopards. My personal favorites are hyenas (a long misunderstood species) and cheetahs. Besides animals, I love creative writing. Currently, I am humoring a LONG fantasy novel--product of six years worth of re-writes, adoration, and hatred.  World- and character-building are key to my style--Bring on the flora, fauna, phylogenetic trees, and fantastical languages! My attention to detail is sometimes scary, and I am an advocate for breaking away from cliches and putting more effort into characters rather than "action/drama."

Drawing is also a cherished hobby of mine--you can often find me sketching the characters and creatures in my book. Piano and tennis I love one day and hate the next. I'm a little bit of an exercise enthusiast--specifically weightlifting and HIIT. I am also a big fan of healthy home-cooked foods (most likely due to the college cafeteria lacking anything of the sort). Baking paleo and keto goods is an incredibly rewarding experience, especially when others try the goodies and can't tell the difference between it and the real deal--complements to the chef ;)

If you want to shoot me a message, be my guest! Although an introvert (INFJ), I do really enjoy hearing new voices.

Have a wonderful day!