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About me

I am a female adult player in the United States Pacific Standard Time zone.  I am also Calypsokitty01's mom. We play this game for fun. We have horses in real life and my daughter competes in horse shows as well.

I accept all friend requests & do my best to return all congratulations.

I am a bit of a trophy collector.  I'm trying to collect all coats for each breed as well as Retired Golden Apple coats.  I'm just starting to Skill horses & breed for Skillers for Grand Prix.  I guess you can say I've set many goals for myself in the game which will take LOTS of time to reach.  Glad I'm not in any hurry for anything!  LOL


BLUP in progress! ;).png?1828806360

My avatar & the picture above is "Chip", mine & my daughter's real life "BLUP" horse (in progress). He is the 1st horse we have ever raised from birth and we couldn't be happier with him.











Almost 3 years old,
and some things never change... LOL!



Big Red aka "Red"
1996 - 3/21/2014
May he Rest In Peace

No words can describe how much fulfillment and joy Red brought into our lives.  He was spectacular.  He stole our hearts upon first sight.  His history is largely unknown, with the exception that he had been left in a pasture for several years, and was a recent arrival at a local rescue that our barn frequented.  He was several hundred pounds underweight and very sore. 

With some basic care and TLC, he was giving rides and putting on the pounds with gusto!  He needed us, and we needed him.

He was my daughter's best friend and confidante, and she was his girl.

We had him a short 2 years, but they were the most wonderful days we could have ever asked for.  We were privileged to be his last home, where he received nothing but the love, care, and adoration that his spirit truly needed. 

We miss you Red.





Panache EightOHearts +//

aka "Rusty"
4/3/2001 - 12/17/2015
May he Rest In Peace

Rusty was a magical horse who did a world of wonders. He wasn't just an Elite Show Horse who repeatedly won multiple prestigious shows & top honors, he also taught people as well as horses the things they needed to know. He touched the lives of many, and those who knew him, loved him beyond measure.

For us, Rusty helped fill an emptiness that remained when we lost our beloved Red. My daughter found a riding companion who always took care of her and pushed her to expand her skills and riding levels.  He built up her confidence and helped mend a broken heart.

 He was also a loving "Uncle" to many young horses, teaching them manners, etiquette, and proper "horsing". Our Chip was extremely lucky to be one of those adopted nephew's of Rusty's. When Chip was younger, he was the laziest horse who was rarely not laying down & when he was up he didn't like to move around a lot, he was a very stubborn walker. With Uncle Rusty's help, Chip was ponied along side and learned his strides - walk, trot, canter - all in pace with Uncle Rusty. He gained energy & playfulness in the turnout with Rusty and was also taught how to roll!

There are thousands of pictures and videos that show just how truly special Rusty was, but these, are just a few to remind us of ways that Rusty does still live on - both in memory & the physical manifestations of his teachings. We will always hear & see him in the echoes he placed in others. I know we will recognize them in our Chip & how my daughter rides.

We love you Rusty. You were our Unicorn, magical with mythical powers, and you now have your wings. XOXO