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Returning from a long hiatus, super happy to be back and finally figuring out how to play semi competitively!                                        I don't buy passes, everything I have I worked hard for.                                              If you have any questions about the game or see one of my horses that you like, don't be afraid to ask! The worst I can say is no!        If you want to chat, just pm me. I accept all friend requests and always do my best to help out during events.                                    I'm currently working on breeding, blupping and training my Selle's. I'm still figuring everything out since I never paid attention to the finer details of training when I was younger, I was mostly interested in pretty golden apple coats rather than GP.               
I'm a busy high school senior so I probably won't be on as much once school starts, though I try to log on at least once a day to check up on everything. I'm Lithuanian!                    I used to ride competitively with my hunter jumper barn, Maypine, until it closed down in late 2019.                                            I unfortunately don't own a horse, but I'd love to own one in the future.                           I loved and spoiled a horse from my school until he passed earlier this year. I love you Harley <3                                            I'm interested in adolescent psychology.          pm me if you wanna chat! :)
I am insanely broke on this game having spent pretty much all of my passes on the black friday event so in the meantime I will be playing casually just trying to save everything back up. yikes. 
premade layout: lazarus

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Project/Affix guide for those who care (:

Fjord breeding project I began based around How to Train your Dragon - currently my primary focus on this game.
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