About Me

Hey, I'm Isaac. I'm a pretty friendly person and I love to talk, although I occasionally fall out of touch. If we're talking and I forget to reply, please send me another PM! I am trans and queer; don't contact me if you're homophobic or transphobic, I want nothing to do with you.

I accept random friend requests and I help with promos,  but I do clear out my friends list of people who I haven't talked to and who haven't been on in a while!

Books: Ranger's Apprentice, The Martian, Six of Crows, Mask of Shadows, The Perfect Assassin
Movies: Now You See Me, Kingsman, How To Train Your Dragon, John Wick
Games: Skyrim, Assassin's Creed, Wizard 101
Music: Zayde Wolf, Saint PHNX, Welshly Arms, Enya, Banners
Other: Rowing, archery, crystals and cool rocks, my cats, Hawkeye comics

My Breeding

I'm currently breeding Knabstrupper unis and Akhal-Tekes with my teams. I'm also training a few horses for selling. Pan!c is recruiting if you're looking to join a team!

Breeding Farms:
hoard and ᵗʳᵃᵇᵃʲᵃʳ is for my coat collection. ᵗʳᵃᵇᵃʲᵃʳ is immortal horses with a Hypnos' Blanket which doubles as my ap farm and hoard is for horses which I plan to make immortal. 44 to go! None of the horses in these two tabs are for sale.

My horses for sale are in the sale tab. Uni sales release is 500 points below the top GP. I have a few RCs from the recent releases as well.

working is for horses I take care of daily(ish). These are the horses that I'm training and breeding, as well as some daily divines.

teams is for my team horses. I also work these horses daily and they're also not for sale.


All the credit for this awesome layout and my avatar goes to heroine!

Best Rankings:

General - 1366th (2019-11-16)
Popularity - 31st (2019-07-17) (83 visits!)
Trophies - 1512th (2019-11-04)
# of horses looked after - 183rd (2018-05-26)
# of competitions won - 177th (2018-05-26)


- Reach 300 immortal horses in my AP farm
- Be in the top 1000 in General Ranking
- Break 14000 GP with my Teke team

Thanks to everyone who has congratulated me!
PM me if you need a gift/congrats/tack for an objective and I will try my best to help!

Song of the Moment: Say You Believe - Midnight Divide

(last updated 21st November, 2019)

If you see this, PM me with "Yeah, I'm thinking I'm back!" and you will win a prize!


Buying Philosopher's Stones for 300k and H. Blankets for 18k!

Note: Please PM me if you want to buy a horse I have for sale but need to save money; I can reserve it for you if I know! 
Horses for sale will be under sales

I am buying immortal horses with special coats; so let me know if you have some for sale. I will pay an extra 25-30k equus or 10 passes if you put a Hypnos' Blanket on them. Exceptions are made for mortal horses with retired coats that I like.

ISO (must be immortal):
 - Bewitched Pumpkin, Pumpkin
 - SoA (Bellum, Mors, Pesti)
 - Magic Hat, Shaman
 - Double Sided Medallion, Werehorse
 -  5th Element unis
 - 5th Element winged unis
 - BoM
 - Catrina Brooch
 - Wanderer's Spirit

Item Exchanges

I'm looking to buy/trade these BMIs:
- Hypnos' Blanket
- Helios' Rays
 - Achilles' Heels
 - Aphrodite's Tears
 - Chronos' Timers

- Philosopher's Stones