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her soul radiates exhaustion, complete and utter
she can smell the sweet scent of wildflowers permeating from the auras around her
she wanders around in the woodlands, aimless, and the air has a certain pleasant tinge
gleaming in the pale sunshine
and the chill of autumn snow
november’s faded foliage against its grayish cloudy sky
and the crisp cold is awake, alive, alert
it lifts her with its vitality
and she floats
lying on top of the clouds
seeing, dreaming, wondering
the wind pushes her back into the stifling building
and she is suffocating and suffering and sinking and the world spins around her
as the heat weighs her body back down to earth
and the pressure of the ceiling crashes down on her forehead
caged in a box, shut out from the openness of the outside ​