Hello everyone and welcome to My page.


My name is Farah-Jihan I'm 31 years old
I was born in Buenos-Aires Argentina,
I'm Saudi/Spanish with Persian/Turkmanian origins.
I've got my Ph.D in history from la Universidad de Salamanca en España,
Researching historical arabian manuscripts
along with teaching History is my job witch I love.
Lets see...I love my horses, horse riding, reading, traveling, Sailing
photography, movies, "making Arabian and Iranian cuisines", 
decoration and fashion, I especially like painting nature.
I 'm a pro Violinist, started 26 years ago,
I'm a pro rider, pro Polo player at some privet events,
I've been around horses, since I was 5 y old.
other then my job at the university, I partly manage our stables. 
we've got some stables in Spain, Saudi, Lechtenshtene, Argantine and Egypt.
I've been to an advanced private lessons at the top horse riding schools,
in Spain and Austria every summer since I was 10 years old,
my favorites are pure Arabians "Hijazi" &"Najdi", Lipizzanos too.

Now I'm in Buenos-Aires for the winter holidays with family.
my parents and my only young brother Soly and best friend Jumanah.

I'll try my best to congratulate back who congratulates me.

I hope everyone has a good time.
Thank you

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