Stuff with Money

Black Market Items for sale:*

P. Strokes

Water of Youth

Poseidon Packs

Pandoras Box

Helios Ray

Zeus Lightning Bolt

Plutos Parchment

Piece of Cloud

* Please inquire about pricing via PM. I will be glad to help you.

Black Market Items Wanted:

If you have a Black Market Item you want to sell, please PM me if I would like to buy it. I will tell you what I will pay then.


Horse Breeding Operation

My main Horse Breeding Operation at the moment is for Thoroughbreds. I am trying to selective breed my horses to have purebred racing horses. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me with your thoughts or questions. I am looking for people to join me in my task of breeding purebred Thoroughbreds. If you would like to join please PM me saying your Username, your top two thoroughbred mares and top two thoroughbred stallions, and why you want to join me in breeding high class racing horses. 


If you have inquires about any of my horses feel free to PM me to ask. The horses that are for sale will most likely be in the sales already, but It doesn't hurt to ask. If I have any Important horses for sale(Some of my top horses)they will be posted in this section.

Important Horses for Sale:

None At the moment!

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