If anyone has a lusitano male purebred iris coat that could breed to my mare stick me a dm I will be willing to pay max breeding fee

Hi, I'm Hannah and you seemed to have stumbled across my page. I'm based within the UK so please take that under consideration when you message me asĀ  I may not be awake, I am 17 and currently in college and wishing for corona to be over with soon.

I used to be extremely into the gp race with vanners and kwpns a few years back however since ive just come back from a one year break I am leaving the gp race, I am going to be collecting GAs and unicorns but yeh! After a year and a half im back!

I basically cleared my account out the other day aside from a few special coats and a few AP horses, i wanted to pretty much do a restart but with a few horses to keep me floating

**Last Update = 7th March 2021**