Welcome to my page! 

If anyone ever needs any help with the game or just a person to talk to please feel free to PM me, I love meeting new people!

**If anyone is selling a metal element horse for equus, PM me!
About Me:
I have been playing Howrse for about 9 years. I’m a young adult player. My favorite things are books, music, horses, and cats.  I have been riding for about 14 years and compete in hunters and eq.  I'm currently attending college for environmental science and have been loving it!50585be4e3159a71c874c590d2ba12ec.png

Breeding: *Currently inactive for breeding
I've mainly been focusing on TBs lately, but throughout my time on Howrse I have bred many different breeds.  Most of the horses I have bred carry an affix with "mythical" in it.

Equestrian Center:
I am the owner of Horse Paradise Ranch.  Board is only 20 dollars per day!  Space is limited so come check it out!  Hoping to become top 10 for number of boarders!

I'm willing to sell pretty much any of my horses for the right price.
If you are struggling to sell a horse, I will buy nearly anything for a reasonable price, so PM me.  I will also buy back any horse that carries an affix of mine.