My username really doesn't mean anything. When I made this account it was the first thing I thought of that worked. Now, since I don't buy passes, and the amount I have is limited, I'm kinda' stuck with it.:(_v1828806360.png

Congratulate my younger siblings: Keyae and Kraina!

I won't be on here very often, but I'll do my best to respond to friend requests when I return.

I reserve the right to decline offers for my horses.

I am an adult. 

Aging points are always appreciated.

Some of the things I like include the following:

The Rose - esp. Black Rose
NCT - esp. WayV
David Garrett
BVB/Andy Black
Adel Tawil

Kdramas such as SWDBS and Extraordinary You


Computers - hence why I'm studying Computer Science


And more...