Buying unwanted horses for 2500e each. Just reserve and send a PM to let me know that they're there!

Hello! Thanks for stopping by! I hope you'll stay and have a look at my page and forum, I will do my best to keep it simple and entertaining! KWPN ordering form is below. Prices are very reasonable!

A Little About Me:
I'm an 21 year-old published author from the USA! I've been writing literally since I could hold a pen to paper and I have two books published on Amazon. PM me for more information on that! 

I've been on Howrse for quite awhile now and I'm a very friendly person so feel free to send me a friend request, ask for advice, send a random PM or just a hello! I love making new friends. 

Hobbies And Interests:
Books, photography, movies and writing are my thing, so if you like any of those, we'll probably get along great! I'm currently obsessed with the TV show Sherlock, so let me know if you're a fan too! I love The Black Stallion series by Walter Farley and highly recommend them! I do my own photography and own a website for both that, and my writing. 

My Game:
I am currently focusing on breeding KWPN horses and if you would like to order a foal from one of my high GP/skiller mares, or are interested in a covering from my stallions, the form is below. I do my best to keep reasonable price, and want a fair deal for all! (Mares will have higher skills and GP than stallions)

Breeding Form:

Stallion Coverings:

Name:                           Skills:         Genetics:          Breed:           Price:
Touch The Sky             11,650            8822              KWPN           6,000e

Criminal Mastermind   11,523            8758              KWPN           5,000e

Coldplay                       11,450            8723              KWPN           4,000e

Foal Ordering Form: (Choose a mare and I'll sell you the foal for the price below)

Name:                             Skills:                Genetics:              Breed:          Price:
Day To Remember         13,161                   9,956                  KWPN        25,000e

This Is It                         13,063                   9,898                  KWPN        22,000e

Night To Remember      12,825                   9,794                  KWPN         20,000e

Disney Diamond            12,666                   9,627                  KWPN        18,000e