Due to real life, I am not that active and responding to PM's with delay. I apologise for any inconveniences and appreciate understanding.

Looking for following BMI's:

one two three four five
six seven
eight nine ten eleven twelve

I really enjoy making graphics, but currently I do NOT make graphics and coding for public due to real life obligations.

Currently I am NOT interested in joining another team. Not even as a filler. Your understanding is greatly appreciated.

I do not sell back the horses, I've bought.

I do not sell teams horses above the release GP:
I am a young adult from Slovenia. I am an engineer and have quite wide spectre of interests such as graphics, 9gag, k-j cultures, music, PC games, reading, horse riding, snow in general, sports, middle ages (baroque, renaissance), travelling etc. If you want to chat, just drop me a pm. :)

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