Aspiring dog trainer She/her. Eighteen years. Goes by кιттуραωρяιηтѕ or Kitten. Kitten is my real life nickname. Homeschooled. Please don't contact me unless I know you, new people give me anxiety and I'm extremely awkward. No random friend requests.
I have five animals. Two chinchillas, two cats, and a dog. My dog is my service dog, she is a year old purebred chocolate Labrador Retriever named Java. My dog is my medical equipment by law yes but she's beyond that. She's my best friend, my first love, my side kick, my team mate, my help, my life line, and my family. Her being medical equipment is what makes it legal for her to be by my side. Do I think of her as medical equipment in some ways? Yes. Does this mean that is solely the only thing she is? No.

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