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Currently Buying:(For reasonable prices)
- Immortal Ga Uni's
-Ga/Rc Horses
- Dog coats

~Looking for Ga/Rc horses for reasonable prices.

~Will also buy Ga BMI'S for reasonable prices.

( Not Passes)

~ PM me the horses name and tell me what tab he/she is in and ill check them out!
~If you are selling any of the above or are selling anything you think I would be interested in just PM me and I will message you back ASAP! 

Selling: Every thing in the tab "Horses Without Breeding Farm" are for sale! Just shoot me a pm and we can negotiate a price

~ If you find a horse that you are interested in that's not in that tab just shoot me a PM and we can try work something out!

~ Some horses will never be for sale so if I tell you no pleases don't get upset. There is a reason behind why I said no..


          ~Looking for skilled Quarter horses. Must be adults. Mares or Stallions!!!

        ~ Will buy 30 year old horses for 100,000 or less!!

                    - Must  be Mortal