Dachshunds101 here!
Happy Howrsing!

NOTE: I have a Diamond Apple Mustang mare and a Diamond Apple Welsh stallion who I breed together occasionally, which means that if you want a Diamond Apple foal, feel free to message me and we can hopefully work out a price.

NOTE: I have managed to breed a horse with exactly 0.00 GP and I am very proud of her. She has no skills and will never be BLUPPED and she is in my favourite horses, called 'I Am Purity Itself'. 

(If you want me to breed you a no-GP horse, I'm afraid I cannot. The one that I have was a fluke.)

NOTE: To breed negative GP horses, breed them as young as possible with other negative GPs to get the best results. I recommend using Fertility Wands to make the most of them. With every breeding, the age of the dam increases, therefore increasing the BLUP, which makes the negative GP of the foal grow closer to positive, so breed the dam as quickly as possible (2 years and 6 months) and DO NOT do missions or train or ride her. If you've read this, then can you make a note of this as well: I will never sell any negative GPs lower than -40, so please do not ask, even if you have 10000 passes. They will never be for sale.


about me

  • My age is somewhere between 10 and 50.
  • I play this game for fun, so I do not compete in any teams as it ruins things for me. This means I won't accept any offers to become part of any team unless I am just a VIP filler for it.
  • Never ask me what my name is or where I'm from, please. That is personal information and this is an online game.
  • I'm very friendly, but I'm not on the game solely to chat, so if you send me a message, it may be a while before I respond to it, but rest assured that I eventually will reply.
  • If you congratulate me, I will try to congratulate back, but if I don't and you would like a congratulations, feel free to message me and ask. There's nothing wrong with just asking. I don't bite.
  • I accept all friend requests as well.
  • Just a quick warning though - I do not take kindly to people verbally abusing me. I will blacklist anyone who attacks me and will notify Howrse of their actions if they show me disrespect.
  • Please do not ask for ridiculously cheap horses i.e. 500 Equus, or else you will be blacklisted.
  • Also, please do not tell me my horses are ridiculously overpriced. If that is true, I will figure it out on my own, and any sort of behaviour like that will be reported as it is unwelcome.
  • On another note, please refrain from asking for any horses that are not on the market, unless I have put at the bottom of my presentation that they are for sale, but just not listed.
  • My favourite hobby on this game is breeding negative GPs, which is very simple and very easy, but very rewarding to me, because it is fun seeing how low I can try to get them.
  • My negative GP record for breeding is -54.08 GP.
  • The lowest negative GP I own, who I have not bred, is -54.44 GP.
  • I am not a competitive breeder on this game, because this is just something fun to come onto when I am not busy, so please do not ruin this for me by being rude. We're all human beings here. Can't we all be civil to one another?

My sales

  1. If I have a horse for sale and it is negotiable, I will not even consider any offers that are 50% (or more) less than the asking price, so I will politely ignore messages entailing such things
  2. If I have a horse for sale and it is for sale for 100 or maybe 200 passes and is negotiable, I will consider Equus offers.
  3. If I have a horse for sale for 300 passes and it is negotiable, then I will probably not negotiate to an Equus sale.
  4. I will never sell any of my Divines or Diamond Apples, so please do not ask about them. I won't sell any.
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