Hello, I am teddybear07, I live somewhere in the UK. I love teddy bears as my username suggests. My hamster (Right) is called Ginger and she is a Syrian hamster. She is also soft and fluffy. My sister, owns a fish called Copper (but she calls him Eely.)Our family owns a white Inuit 
called Luka. I don't own any horses in real life but here I do!
I will except any random friend requests.
 zερhyr is having a Quitting giveaway!

welcome.jpgYou can offer equus or passes for any of my horses I may accept ( just message me. )catboxing2.gifPut-your-finger-here.gif

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Press Ctrl + F then 7


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First highlight the numbers,and press Ctrl and F.Then type 9 in the little box,and the message is in yellow.It highlights every 9 on your page and you can see the message in yellow

Horses glitter gifs

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29812057_zps39e363c7.jpgteddybear07-bannar.gif51147.gifxdyy3a.jpg 2488367sc6w1pjncj.gif kibapuppy.gif pig_anim_5.gificone.png?65423831269dfdf4e6a7c8489262f9d8b9958c9b3.png?65423831236694064.gifleopardlayout.jpgFriendsCongratulations591147h2e5l9m85u.jpgpomme-or.png?654238312gr-c-miniature.jpg?654238312The first ever unicorn I bred!pie-tb-alz-b-miniature.jpg?654238312My first winged/unicorn EVER then!!!100120673-miniature.jpgMy first ever winged/unicorn NOW!!!nr-miniature.jpg?654238312My second unicorn ever!nr-grand.jpg?1639807731My foundie horse then!
logo-sims3-png.png100036371-normal.pngMy foundie Horse now!note2.jpgnote1.jpghorse-one.jpg