hi, call me fox 

i'm not fluent in english but i've been studying it, and also spanish and french / 21y

 i accept all friend requests and i help during the events 
i retribute all congratulations whenever i see it 
just to be clear >i'm an adult player< 
i don't play competitively, lately i've been focused on breeding unicorns of different breeds 
i don't sell any of my horses from the untouchables breeding farm 

 tv shows: black mirror, anne with an E, the vampires diaries, TWD, the good place, 1899, supernatural, adventure time, star vs the forces of evil, avatar and more..

 movies: harry potter, jurassic park, pulp fiction, marvel, dc, the conjuring, i got lazy, if u are curious u can ask me

i'm quite eclectic about music, so i listen to a little of everything, from classical music to pop  

 any doubts, send me a PM