Black Bullet Holstieners

Black Bullet Holsteiners is the #1 Holsteiner team on the International server. 

We are currently recruiting!  PM Miyuki or Koda n Cricket for the application.

All sales are in the sales, if you have any questions, contact Miyuki or Koda n Cricket.  

Current sales release is 15,000 GP and below.  

My Game

-  Periodically I dump foals in the sales or other horses.  Keep an eye out.

-  If it's not in the sales it's not for sale.  Non-negotiable sales are non-negotiable.  If it's for sale for passes, it's for sale for passes only.

-  I don't just chat, please do not randomly message me unless you have a genuine reason to message me.

-  My equestrian center is private, for my usage only.
My profile picture and the picture on this layout are me and my mom's horse Sunny.  To see more of Sunny and my other two horses, follow me on Instagram:  @rain_eq

Currently I have very little time to be on Howrse, due to school and work.  Please be patient if you private message me.  Understand that my real life comes before my online gaming life. 

**Updated July 23rd, 2020**