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I'm an adult female player from the state of Michigan in the United States. I'm fortunate enough to have competed in barrel racing all over the eastern side of the country and parts of the south, but have taken a step away from big shows in the last few years to enjoy my daughter's first few years of showing horses. I'm proud to be on the #1 QH team Pure Intentions as well.                 If you're looking for Quarter Horses bred to excel at a reasonable price, you're on the right page. Horses currently for sale are firm on price unless they are listed as Negotiable. If a horse is not listed for sale, please don't ask me to sell it to you, as it is probably a staple in my breeding program.                                                        I accept *most* random friend requests, so please feel free to send me a friend request!                                                          I return ALL congratulations!!!                   I run a small, although active Western EC. While I mostly use it to house my own horses, I accept outside boarders as well.    Get the most out of your time on Howrse! Be sure to frequent these pages:
The Safe Haven
- Stroke one horse every 24 hours to win a surprise!
Topaz- Congratulate 5 each day for a chance to win diamonds and other prizes
Topaz One
Topaz Two
Topaz Three
Topaz Four
Topaz Five
Xanthos- Stroke 5 each day for a chance to win a Horn of Plenty and other prizes
Xanthos One
Xanthos Two
Xanthos Three
Xanthos Four
Xanthos Five
Frost- Defrost once a day for a chance to win a Hypno's Blanket
Archimedes- Answer his question correctly each day to win aging points


buying and selling

I am ACTIVELY seeking for purchase (PM me if you have one with your sale offer) :
*Any horse with: A Bee, Hedgehog, or Ladybug companion---Any horse with a Green, Axolotl, or Red Dragon ---Any horse with a Namazu---A Unicorn with a METAL 5th Element coat
*Any horse with the Greek Creatures Wanderer's Coat (Besides Cerberus) *Any of the following horse with Retired Golden Apple coats: Unicorn Pony---Winged Unicorn Pony---Pegasus Pony                                                                   I'm currently looking to purchase in exchange for equus:
*Pieces of Cloud   *Helios Rays
          *Zeus' Lightning Bolts
*Golden Apples     *Horn of Plentys
               *Morpheus' Arms        
*Aphrodite's Tears   *Pandora's Boxes       (PM me if you have any that you're willing to sell for a reasonable price)                                                   
Items I'm selling:
*Hypnos Blankets for 22k each-----I currently have 1
*Philotes' Stroke for 85k each-------I *currently have 0
*Apollo's Lyre for 20k each--------I currently have 1
*Croesus' Fortune for 35k each------I currently have 1                            Everyone values passes at a different rate, but the average rate seems to be about 125k per 100 passes. If you're going to make a lower offer on a horse I've listed as Negotiable, please do so with thought and consideration for how much time and effort I've put into that horse. Often times, I choose to not respond to extremely low offers. I don't do this to be mean, but instead to save us both time and possible drama.                                                           IMPORTANT: If you sell a horse to me, please do not ask me to sell it back to you. I'm sorry if you have changed your mind about selling it, I have not changed my mind about buying it. Know that it will be well cared for in my hands. Thanks in advance for your courtesy!

Last Updated: 1/20/21

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