If you need help with objectives, feel free to message me. As long as it is not ridiculous, I am more than willing to help. 


My only goal on howrse right now is to own all of Kayla's Gypsys Affixed horses. When my sister passed away, almost 4 years ago, I took over her account Lillie Blue. On that account my sister bred Gypsy Vanners, like a lot. So I started my own line with the above affix. Well, fast forward to a year later, and I decided to quite horse, as I really missed her...and at the point I was very depressed, and tried my hardest to forget her. Well, you cannot forget your sister and your best friend. So, I am currently working on getting all the horses back...and I am having a hard time. So if you come across any in the sales, or get someone to sell one, please let me know. I would do ANYTHING to get them back

Basic Rules:

~ I do NOT take offers on horses that are not listed as negotiable.
~ NO I do not give things away for free, I have worked hard for what I have.
~ Offering less than half of what I am asking for is NOT acceptable, is actually rather rude.
REMEMBER: Being polite goes a long way.