After a good few years I've got back into playing this game again! 
I accept all friend requests and love to have a chat so feel free to drop me a message 
I'm slowly becoming a more competitive player as I love blupping and recently have been starting to skill prospects for the Prix. I used to be a part of a few different  teams and i'm looking to find a new one
 I'm currently blupping skillers in my spare time and am looking to join a competitive selle, vanner or lusi team 
message me if interested
Please check out my E.C forum and sign my guestbook and i'll do the same! I'm slowly working on my EC and i'm starting by getting more 3* boxes

I will happily buy ANY horse for 2,000 just reserve it for me

Feel free to check out my sales! 

LOOKING FOR Morpheus' Arms, Chronos' Timer AND Aphrodite's Tears