In my game, I like to occasionally breed and BLUP, but I'm mainly here to lurk the forums, make graphics and RP. If you'd like to RP with me, feel free to message, however I have a list of requirements, the most important being you must be okay with same sex pairings as that is my preference to play when it comes to RPing. My straight characters are terrible.
If you'd like a layout or avatar made feel free to message me as well! It could take a few days but I'd like to think my stuff is good quality. I made this layout and my avatar.
Finally, if you just want to chat I'm nearly always online so don't hesitate to message me! Have a good day and such!
Study English Literature at university they said. It'll be fun they said. Writing 2000 word essays about 16th century pretentious men will be worth the tens of thousands of pounds of debt you'll be in after three years, they said.
Hello! I'm ᴄᴀɪɴ
and this would be my page. I'm officially an adult player - 20, ew - so I'd prefer children don't message me outside of normal game things - game advice, negotiation from the sales etc - without permission from their parents. 
Moving on from that, I'm from England, am owned by a 19 year old GSD x Border Collie called, would you believe it, Cain, and have a passion for books, music and movies.
I also have a fab best mate, the ever wonderful sina. who totally didn't bully me in to writing this. We met on the game, but managed to make an internet friendship an IRL one and now tend to meet up every holiday period to hang out and drive each other mental. Also her dog loves me and I will steal it. 
Whilst I have the musical talent of a strangled cat, I love listening to it and some of my favourite artists include BABYMETAL, Waterparks, Billy Talent, Paramore and Rise Against. I've seen three of those mentioned live, and have every intention of seeing the other two as well. I should add I'm addicted to going to gigs, love it, and have been to 12 over the last couple of years. Could be more, but money is a hindrance. 
As you can guess from the layout, I adore foxes because they are the cutest floofs, and will always reply to messages about how cute they are. 
I'm an equestrian, have been for 10ish years, and primarily love riding young/green horses. Plus, I bounce well - most of the time.
Proud member of the LGBT community and unashamed of it too - I don't take well to hate of any kind.
I'm a university student, because I hate money apparently, and studying English Literature. It is not fun and I regret all my decisions thus far, but there are a lot of innuendos in renaissance poetry and that sort of makes up for it.
Most of my spare time is spent watching movies or TV shows, and I thoroughly recommend Orange Is The New Black, The Martian, Cloud Atlas, Baby Driver and Sharknado. I assure you, the last is not a joke.
That's about all I can stand to say about myself, but if you're interested in getting to know me feel free to send a message! I'm usually quite friendly.