I accept all event related friend requests!

I started a Team focused on Selles. If interested please PM me with the following:

- How often you are active (does NOT have to be every day)

- How long it takes to bulp a horse

- Other Team experience if any

- Anything else you think will help persuade me

This will be a casual yet fun team. I’m not looking to be best of the best, but I’m not going to be lazy either.

I'll buy any horse for 3,000e. That's 2,500e over the price of sending a horse to the Safe Haven. I will keep said horse and take care of it. If you are a new player, msg me and I might pay a little more to help you out.

I almost always have horses for sale so feel free to check them out in the sales or in the For Sale tab!

I’m almost always buying the following a BM items: 

Chronos Timer ———————————  150,000e-175,000e

Achilles’ Heel ———————————— 70,000-80,000e

Helios’ Ray ————————————— 15,000-20,000e

Medusa’s Blood ———————————  30,000e