I'm looking to expand my RC collection.  Please message me with what you have available and your asking price.

love is all you need ~ The Beatles
Hey, I'm Bunnie (she/her)!
Howrse has been one of my favorite distractions since March, 2013.
When I created my original account, I was a horse girl obsessed with this game; and I'm still here now — a decade later — as a 20-year-old who still enjoys playing as a hobby.

In real life, I plan to pursue a degree in the medical field.  I currently work as a patient care technician in an ICU.

I enjoy art, concerts, and music — I am learning to play a couple instruments and I try to paint whenever I can.

I have two horses of my own.
My first horse I've had since June of 2011 — she's a 2008 Morgan cross.  In 2022, I bought myself a 2007 purebred Arabian mare — she placed Top 10 at the 2014 Arabian Horse Nationals in Halter and English Hunter Pleasure.  She was shown for three years in regional shows, where she earned multiple champion and top 10 wins.  I hope to show her again in regional shows. 
I also rescue rabbits and birds (ducks, chickens) as well, and keep houseplants.


Own Archimedes (6/19/2022)
Own Xanthos (5/14/2021)
Be in the top 1000 in the General rank (1/19/2022)
Have 125 3* boxes w/ showers & troughs (1/21/2022)
Complete 250 Trophies (10/16/2021)
Have 100 Retired Apples (7/29/2016)
Own 1000 Horses (5/11/2016)
Own 1500 Horses (2/15/2021)
 Be under 1500 in general rank (8/10/2020)
Have all 5th Element coats (8/19/2020)
Own all Double-Sided Medallion coats (1/13/2017)
Own all Be Witched Pumpkin coats (12/14/2016)
Have all the Breed coat trophies (9/17/2016)
Own 10 8000+ skilled horses (3/30/2017)
Have a Pegasus for each breed (11/18/2016)
Have a unicorn for each breed (12/26/2016)
Have a winged unicorn for each breed (10/15/2019)

Own A Shutterfly (11/9/2022)

Own a Diamond Apple

Be in the top 100 General Rank  (12/25/2022)

Be in the top 75 General Rank (1/08/2023)

Have 1000 Retired Coats (2/27/2023)

Have 1500 Retired Coats

Collect all Pre-Creation Space Golden Apples

Be in the Top 50 General Ranks (2/20/2023)

My Game

Yes — I do use autocomp and automated purchase.

Please keep in mind  —

I try to answer messages in a timely manner, which isn't always possible.  I occasionally check my Howrse using mobile when I'm out and about; but I prefer responding to messages through desktop.  My inbox is usually pretty full between receiving team messages and such, so it may take me some time to respond, always feel free to send me another message as a reminder.

Please do not send me messages asking for personal information about myself or my account, free or absurdly cheap horses, wanting horses I purchased back for cheaper than I paid for them (scamming), bmi, or "help" with restocking your restarted account. 

I don't like to seem unkind, but I have received so many of these messages over the past few months

Sales & Purchasing

I'm always open to Equus or Pass offers on any horse  (: PM me the link to the horse(s) you're interested in and what you're willing to offer for them.
As a head's up — I usually don't sell my collection horses (RC, GA, etc.).  
If you are interested in buying back a horse you sold me, I will usually say no.  There is exceptions, I understand mistakes happen from time to time!
If I do agree to sell back, you will have to purchase the Howrse for what I paid, plus cover the 10% piggy bank sales fee.  If it's been over five days since my purchase, then I would like to receive the amount the horse would be worth in directs.

Please NO trade offers, they will not be accepted.  Trading is not allowed per game rules. 

I will purchase any Retired Apple coat I don't own yet.  Just send me what you have and are willing to take for them.

I will buy any skillers as well!
10-14k skills — 10-13 passes
15-17k skills — 14-17 passes
18k and above — 18-22 passes
These prices are negotiable too (:


I have been a member of quite a few teams and breeding projects during my time on here.

I rejoined Trend Setting Morgans on November 27th, 2022.  I was a member (primarily blupper) from August, 2016 - February, 2018. 
We are currently looking for new members committed to improving the Morgan breed — if you are interested, please message our team admin, susieQ! 

 I was the admin for two teams, the first was a passion project Morgan team, Miracle N'Stuff (March, 2014 - February, 2015), I worked on with my brother (Solipsist).  I bred KWPN with my second team, Playing Kards (January - February, 2021).
I will be open to joining more teams sometime in the future.
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