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please read this.
I am an adult player.
please don't message me unless you are as well.
horses in direct sales are not negotiable unless marked as such.
looking for a page presentation? check out my forum.
please feel free to click my divines. ^

keep reading if you like.

APRIL 7TH, 2017
finally got around to coding myself a layout...
after how many years?
four. hahahaha. oops.

about my game.
mostly, I'm an AP farmer
I hoard my ap for when I get tired of farming and want a project.
I do skillers sometimes, I think they're fun.
Once a year I do a skiller purely with the intention of
beating my rosette count on the skiller from the previous year.
My record to beat next year is: 822 rosettes.
I also hoard nyx, bonus, harmony, and poseidon packs.
I have over 20 of each in preparation for a year of skillers sometime in the future.

preferably in sets of 3. message me.

about mayday.
I'm an adult player.
I can code [points to presentation].
I love art and writing.
I do role-play but not on howrse, sorry.
I have one real life horse, she's a paint.
I also have two american short hair cats.
I am an american.
I'm currently shopping for a horse farm.
You'll notice most of my howrse skillers are jumpers,
that's because I am a jumper offline.
I have ridden a lot of disciplines over the years.
I grew up dirt poor so I rode whatever
I could get my hands on for most of my youth.
Especially the crazy OTTBs. Favorite.
#JackOfAllTrades #MasterOfLikeFour
presentation by MADA !