My Game

  • Horses: I am in my own team called Revelations 16:18-21. I breed some very high-quality Selle Francias. Check my For Sale tab to buy one.  
  • Breeding: I breed filler horses for people that want/need them for wins or EC Comp prestige boosts. PM me if you want to buy one, or if there's no foals just let me know and I'll breed one for you.
  • Trades: I will trade with you, but if you initiate the trade, you will go first. You can check out my EC forum to see my Trustworthy topic, if you're interested.
  • Sales: If you see any of my horses you like, feel free to PM me with an offer. If you see 'DISCOUNT' in front of any of their names, that means they were bred by my previous broodmare and won't have high GP as my current foals. They sell at a lower price.
  • BMI's Needed: Nyx Packs, Harmony Packs, Hera Packs, Chronos's Timers, Fertility Wands, Aphrodite's Tears, HOP's, Titan's Challenges, Golden Apples, 5th Elements. Feel free to PM me if you're willing to sell/trade.

About Me

  • I am an adult player.
  • I have been on Howrse for years, so if you have questions, I have answers.
  • I accept all friend requests.
  • I have a blue merle Aussie named Yuki
  • I have the right to refuse to sell if the price isn't right, so don't whine about it.
  • If you want to trade anything, PM me with the headline 'Trade'. 
  • I am not interested in a friendly conversation unless you are asking me a question, so please PM me with business inquiries only.
  • I am not a collector. Do not PM me advertising your horse sales. I'm not interested.
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