Welcome to My Page

I'm back after a super long break from playing! Ready to get my groove back on and get back in the GP race, right behind top teams. 
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(my avatar was not made by me, credit to unknown artist)

My Game:
1.Yes, I will offer coverings from my stallions
2. I am always willing to give suggestions and help
3. If I am interested in selling any of my horses, they will be for sale, If they are not for sale please do not ask
I have has this game for a very very long time, playing on and off, hence why my seniority and years registered differ so much. I am proud to breed purebred Arabian (horses and unicorns), Selle Francais, Hackney, Marwari, and Thoroughbred horses. I take pride in my horses, especially my thoroughbreds, I have two Grand Prix winners from seasons past when the skills were lower! But I'll get back to that point 935cc82ef2748ac36d8c208173df154a.png.  I DO NOT BUY PASSES WITH REAL CURRENCY.  Everything I own is a result of my hard work in events, or maintaining my older horses so I could get passes when they died.  

About Me:
I am a hard working Uni student, who has loved this game for a very long time. I don't ride or own any horses in real life. Unfortunately life does happen and I'm not on here as much as I wish I could be. I love animals and anything medical related. I do watch anime, I'm always up for good suggestions or to give some. I like lots of different kinds of music. 

-Get my thoroughbreds back to being Grand Prix Winners
-Breed a Grand Prix winning Selle Francais
-Breed an Arabian with over 10,000GP

Goals Achieved:
-1,000,000 e
-2,000,000 e
-3,000,000 e
-Breed a Unicorn
-Win a grand prix with a horse I bred
-Win more than 10 Grand Prix with a horse I bred
-Have immortal horses
-Breed divine horses
-Have all the color ranges of Golden Apple Horses