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i'm not on here very much anymore but i do pop in occasionally

yes, i'm the kid that ran Slimeland back in the day. yes, my friends and i still bully each other relentlessly.

things have changed a lot in the past six years that i've been here, and i've changed, too, but i'm alive, i'm here. not sure if anyone remembers me, but i'd just like to say thank you for all of the memories. maybe we can all reconnect sometime.

if you've literally never been on my page before in your life, then welcome haha, i'm a disaster. feel free to shoot me a message, but it's not likely i'll reply very quickly. i don't tend to return congratulations very often due to my inactivity on the game, so i apologize for that.  

my interests include disney, geology, wizard101, and art. i draw a lot. i used to be a writer, too, but i don't write so much anymore. maybe i'll get back into it someday, maybe not.

i'm currently watching star trek TOS! please talk to me about it i need star trek buddies.

i won't be sharing most of my social medias but i will share some games i play or have an account on

animal jam: BAVV (not so active anymore)

minecraft java edition: BAVVFishPotato (fairly active but i'm not on very many servers)

roblox: BridgetyVavv (not so active anymore but i pop in occasionally)

wizard101: main wizard is Destiny Moonforge, theurgist, level 120, and i generally play on the realm drake (my membership is dead, i havent been on in a while)

mweor: BAVV  (#190822) 

note: i'm on a lot of other sites too, but they aren't listed here because i've fallen inactive on them. you can ask me about them if you happen to see my username on there (probably next to something saying that i've been inactive for x amount of days haha)


feel free to talk to me about any of my interests, or any of yours. i'd be happy to listen. if you're an old friend looking to reconnect, find me on discord as BAVV#2630


that concludes my presentation i guess. cy'all on the flip side