I have not really done anything on here for a long time I am having a hard time in real life but message me if you need anything 

About me 
Well what can i say my name is Becky and i live it the uk and i am 24 years old
i own a dog called Bo and a Kitten called Quince
I also work full time at my new job after the place i worked at for 4 years closed down4f8bc8dff741273ca7c8ae63f8fb9e79.png (countrywide farmers)25376ca9c38f23811c401c64339ffa93.png
because of work and real life i am not on here very much and only come on when i have a bit of free time so most of the horses that you see will be outdated 

if you find a horse that you like then please make me an offer but if you do please think that most of the horses that you see or unis i did use passes on and so please keep that in mind when offering

just has i am not on this game as much as i use to be does not mean that i do not know what the horses are worth and i will sell them cheap as that is not the case i have played howrse.com since the very start in 2007 my first account was bexbex123 that i got rid of as i wanted a break and then came back so if you know me from then please sent me a message it be lovely to talk to so old friends that i made back then

have a lovely day and happy howrse gaming xx