About Me

Someday when I get rich from publishing my novels, I'll buy a real horse. But for now, I'll stick with the virtual ones. They're so much cheaper! I learned to ride at a stable in the woods on the edge of a state park, so my EC is in a forest. I'm an adult player, but not one of the creepy ones. Still, it's probably best if youngsters ask a grownup before PMing me.

The name CollieWings refers to my novel series, which is posted on Fictionpress.com. Anyone who holds dogs and cats close to their heart should check it out. The links are in my EC forum.

I play all my games under the same username. On Furry-Paws, I sell high-quality dogs of various breeds under the CLWK prefix. On Mweor, I sell mweors collected daily from the Preserve for 1000mm each. On Lioden, I bulk-trade NCL lionesses collected daily in Explore for 2SB each.

Regarding my avatar, it's a picture of my late dog. Please do not steal it!

Some personal info about me, if you care: I'm a 40 year old female (not LGBT+). I'm single with no kids. I live alone in a beautiful condo in Maryland, USA. I normally work two jobs, but I've been out of work due to Covid since September. My birthday is November 9th.

I buy passes. That does NOT make me a cheater. I work two jobs to feed myself and put a roof over me and my potted plant. I work hard in real life and I choose to spend a few dollars on this game. I don't appreciate other players saying I'm cheating or being unfair simply because I have some money in my pocket. Should it be easier to play without money? Of course. But I refuse to be ashamed, nor will I apologize for playing my way.

My Game and Sales

I accept random friend requests and I do my best to return all congratulations. But as I don't like having a mile-long friends list, I periodically purge out friends I have not PMed with recently or have become inactive. As I mentioned, I'm an adult player. I don't report people out of spite or jealousy. But if I find someone breaking the rules, I will report them. I offer public coverings with my old stallions who's regular mates have died. If any of my stallions catch your eye and you'd like a reserved covering, PM me and I'll make a cheap offer for you. In Exchanges, I look for C.Timers, A.Tears, and P.Packs. I will not trade items outside of the Exchanges. I don't do horse trades or bid in forum auctions. I also don't do contests or giveaways. I don't participate in RPGs as I am focused on my novels and probably will be for some time yet. But I will allow RPGs in my EC forum. Just PM me to let me know you want to start one.


I try not to stomp anyone else's BLUP, but I will be tempted if I see a horse named "Please no Stomp". I do not leave my horses untrained in a certain skill so they can dominate a discipline. I try not to blanket entire disciplines with my high skilled horses. I also do not display a horse's GP or skills in his/her name. I am ALWAYS kind to my uni fails! I do not affix them, but other than that, I treat them just the same as I would any other foal born on my account. I do NOT give them cruel names or send them to Safe Haven.

I believe that the most fulfilling way to play Howrse is to actually care about your horses. I do not stockpile horses by the thousands in order to move up in the rankings. I've kept my non-divine herd small and will always so I can continue to care and give each horse the best of everything. I will always give my horses proper names. No horse under my care will ever be called "Skiller Foal F7693" or "uni reject". I will never breed a horse before he/she is ready with a positive BLUP. If I buy one of your foals, you can rest assured that he/she will be loved and given the personal attention he/she deserves. (This does not apply, however, if I have bought the horse specifically for an objective.)

I believe that great horses should be available to all, not just folks who can afford to pour money into their game. That's why I don't normally sell horses for passes. When I sell a horse, I always ask a reasonable price which is never negotiable, but adjusted often with the market. If a horse is not in the sales, it's not for sale. I like to give all my horses C.Timers and P.Packs during their blupping process. But the babies I normally sell come with nothing, of course. I don't normally sell horses with bonuses, but if the market is tough I might use bonuses to get the edge on the competition. I don't buy horses often, but when I do I always do my research. I know what horses are worth and I will not buy grossly overpriced ones. No, I will not offer on your horse and I don't care if you're broke or quitting.

When voting for creations, I look for images that are well drawn and make sense. I pull towards realism, the more detailed the better. I will not vote for scribbles, surrealism, or crayon drawings. Spooky is great, but I will not vote for anything that I think will scare little kids. I will not vote for national flags, cancer ribbons, or any other real world issue. For backgrounds, I want them to look like real places you could find a horse. I hate ones with picture frames or that have nothing for the horse to stand on. Putting a dragon or wolf right in the center will not get my vote. For coats, I want them to look like horses and have some personality. I hate ones that are too cartoony or have more heads and legs than a horse should have. I will not vote for dragons, wolves, cats, birds, or any other creature that is not a horse. Dragon wings on a pegasus coat is fine, but I play this game because I like horses. I want to see horses!

My Horses and Breeding

Regular Breeds

I always breed my horses at 100 BLUP for the best IBS. I do NOT inbreed EVER! While I buy foals from the top teams who routinely inbreed, I refuse to do the same. I also do not geld my colts. CollieWings horses are good enough to win AND breed. That's right, folks! CollieWings horses can do it all. Killer competitors and awesome parents. A valuable addition to any breeding farm. I have some of the best horses around, so watch out for my affixes in the sales. CollieWings horses commonly have over 500 IBS, so even if their GP seems modest when compared to the top horses, they will still be competitive when properly blupped.

Divines and Wilds

None of them are for sale or loan, not even to friends. I have worked hard, both in real life and in the game, to gather them all. They give me equus, passes, BMIs, extra perks, and other useful trinkets. And some of them are comp monsters.

Do you wonder why I chose the breeds I work with? Check out my EC forum and find out.

Do you wonder where Sleipnir, Pegasus, Greyfell, and other mythological divines came from? Check out my EC forum and read the myths.

"Be cunning, full of tricks, and your people will never be destroyed." Richard Adams
"A day without laughter is a day wasted." Charlie Chaplin

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