I accept all friend requests and do my best to return all congratulations! I am also happy to help anyone with their game to the best of my ability! I do not, however, give away my hard earned passes, equus or BM items! So please do not ask!                                                                                                               I am currently collecting aging points! Anyone who could spare one as a gift will be greatly appreciated, and will receive a small gift back as well as a congratulations!                                                                                                                               I will buy any horse for 1000e. Just reserve and shoot me a pm, and I'll pick it up as soon as I can!

BMI Trading

I AM BUYING:                                               Helios Ray - 20k each                                           Philotes' Stroke - 20k each                         Fertility Wand - 30k each                                                                                                                        I AM SELLING:                                         Piece of Cloud - 40k each                                  Apollo's Lyre - 5k each                                         Water of Youth - 10k  each                               Plouto's Parchment - 8k each                             Bonus Pack - 60k each                                                                                                                           *Prices are based on current item exchange values. I am open to subbing in passes or BMIs for equus. Please PM to negotiate.         

My Game

I have been playing on Howrse for a rather long time now (in my opinion!) I have had several accounts in the past that I simply was not active enough on, and so they were removed. But I have finally become active again and am pursuing several goals with my gameplay! Each of my goals is apparent in my various affixes!
AquariusImmobulus - I had to list this first, because this is my single most important project on Howrse! I've only just begun, but I'm very excited about it. I've decided to start a breeding line from my very first foundation horses, Aquarius and Immobulus, with the goal of achieving high GP skillers eventually without using coverings from any stallions outside the affix, and also to avoid breeding horses who are too closely related after the first few generations. The best part about the project? All of the horses are named after Harry Potter spells (with the sole exception of Aquarius)! But really, this project is important to me because I am so happy to be making good use of my wonderful foundations!
Mearas φ Teke - This affix is reserved for my high GP purebred Akhal-Tekes. I hope to wean this line out so that only those with the affix remain, and hope to produce skillers that will sell for a decent price! I also plan to snag the trophy for the Akhal Teke coat colors with them. The mother of this line is my pegasus Akhal mare, Corona!
is Faster than Light ϟ - This affix is reserved for my high GP purebred Thoroughbreds. This line is founded by a set of high GP Thoroughbred twins that I purchased, one of which I still have - Do I. 
of the W~G Concordat - I know this one is a little hard to see, but the W~G Concordat mentioned in the affix is actually an allusion to the White Gold Concordat treaty from the Skyrim game series. So now now only once, but twice, have I used my inner nerd to name things on Howrse. This affix is reserved for my high GP KWPNs, and is founded by my mare White Gold, who I sadly have sold. But her first daughter, Steele, is a part of the breeding farm and is also my very first (and so far only) horse to win a rosette!
of the Heavens - This affix is reserved for my wonderful, glorious, hard-earned divines! It wasn't very long ago that I didn't own a single divine. And I failed to win Quartz from whatever promotion he was involved in. And then there was a chance to win him in a Horn of Plenty or Titan's challenge or something... and I won him! And I have been addicted to divines ever since! I managed to snag Emerald (and consequently Topaz) through the reserved sales, as well as Venus and Earth (and consequently Uranus and Moon). And I spent far too many diamonds and passes to take home Onyx from the Parade Promotion! Also included in this breeding farm is my wild Dulmen Pony, Alana. I hope to add many, many more divines to this affix!
is a Unicorn Dream - Just like the name says, this affix is reserved for my beautiful unicorns. I hope to breed many unicorns, so that I can breed even more unicorns, so that I can breed even more! But at the moment I only have six. Darn those elusive unicorns. But I'm getting there! My main method when it comes to unicorns is to bolt the boys so that I have a larger supply of mother unicorns to have wonderful unicorn babies! This affix is primarily for my own amusement. I don't put all that much effort into it, but I will not deny the joy that takes place when one of my uni mares gives birth and the foal has a horn!
is Worth a Pass $ - This affix is reserved for my pass horses, which is probably my second most important project on the game. I am, at the moment, buying every horse I can get my hands on to raise as a pass horse. My eventual goal with this project will be to have at least one horse of each possible age up to thirty, so that each day a horse can either be traded for a pass or sold as a pass horse in the sales. Sounds easy, but is taking a VERY long time! However, I am being patient and taking care of all of my pass horses each day, so I am getting closer and closer to this goal as time goes by. I would eventually like to be the producer of all of my pass horses, therefore allowing every pass horse that goes through my breeding farm to have this affix.

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