BLM as long as injustice exists

7/19 thor kisses loki good night every day


my summer: drawin', writin', readin', youtubin'

I have an art Instagram, so follow me there @amberyness

My Discord is Ambery#8501.

a m b e r on

I'm moderately competitive on the actual game. I just want all the coat trophies and make it to the top 3000 (beat this 9/19/20 :D)

my breeding farms:

ruby: coat trophy horses + vintage apples
golden: special coats + fully BLUPped "diamond" horses
pearl: unicorns, drafts, donkeys, divines
diamond: my best horses in training
opal: broodmares

I am no longer looking for rps at the moment, but I'm gonna leave this up here bc I don't wanna delete it lol


I rp on Discord. I mirror you, but I prefer at least a paragraph or two. I mainly do m/m.

I prefer human rps with short sign ups and aren't fandom based. I also like plots formatted with Muse A and B.

please be able to handle dark and mature themes -- I love dramatic plots.