I'm a former rider, who hasn't gone riding for many years.   I'm  semi-retired and have two grown daughters and a husband to keep me occupied.  This game give me a way to relax.  Also it allows me to own, breed and show horses, without the expense.

  I was a Girl Scout (Girl Guides) leader for 7 yr and Majorette /Color Guard coach for 6 yrs.  Now, I help out at the local animal shelter, by walking & socializing stray dogs.  My favorites are the Pit Mixes, they are so loving, smart, and funny.

I now have a standard rat terrier/Jack Russel mix dog, a recuse from HSHA, name Torin.  She's about 5yrs. old.
  I'll try to help with objectives if I can.

(Adult Player) 

PS: I'm starting NIB Breeding program. I have NIB Studs and Mares, some are 100% BLUP * and some not. I also have 1st gen foals or can breed foals for you or cover mares.  Also, the horse in my "The other horses" are for sale.
Hope to help the NIB endeavor just PM me.

The breed I'm working with:

Quarter Horse*           French Trotter
Paint                             Lippizzaner
Apps*                            Icelandic
Arabian                        Gypsy Varner
TB                                 Barb ( Berber )

Sue W.

https://i.pinimg.com/originals/e9/00/ce/e900ce844bd329fd5f14137777026f0f.jpg <---- Image