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I am taking another break from the game at the moment and will probably not be back full time until next summer.

Horses in Sales


About My Game

My name is AshTrey

Main Focuses Are:  Coat collections and my team

3000th congratulation giveaway.

I am open to offers on my horses, but at the moment the chances of me accepting are slim, since I need them for my coat collection and filling.

Feel free to use my forum.

Favorite Breeds: Marwari, Quarter Pony, Shetland, Knabstrupper

Highest General Ranking: 2174th

Congratulations are much appreciated, thank you!

Special thanks to my friends who have given me advice for my old Quarter Poniesa4bc962b6472bd3fac0f915a0ff0c336.png

Plans For My Horses

Shimmering Gold: My competing horses.  Make an offer on 0<4 year olds
Projects: Random horses I am trying to blup 
After Breeds: My favourite horses not for sale
Coat Collection: Self explanatory and too old to sell
Dime Sized/Shimmering Gold Fillers: Fillers at the moment, also not for sale
The other horses: Horses, if promising, will be sold/bred/moved to another tab soon.  


What if howrse introduced miniature horses and they shared the same graphics as Shetlands, but could be all colours and patterns...