"I shoot for the moon but I'm too buzy gazing the stars" -Eminem


About Me

Welcome to my page. I go by the nickname of Nightmare on here. I am a college student currently less than a year away from getting a bachelor's degree in wildlife biology. I love animals and the outdoors - hunting, fishing, camping, etc. I love music, a little variety of everything from country to pop to rap. As you may notice I love Eminem lol. Ain't no shame in that. I hope to one day have a job in the wildlife conservation field, I guess what happens after college well who knows until the time comes. I'm starting to think my degree is just a useless piece of paper and waste of time but hey, why be so pessimistic lol. I love humor and enjoy sarcasm, takes a special kind of person to get my sense of humor lol. Hmm other things about me well I like snow, cheese, riding backroads, writing poetry/freestyles, and just chilling. I think I'm pretty laid back, don't mess with me and I won't mess with you. I'm shy to people I don't know but open to friends, gaining my trust takes a lot so yea there's only like one person who has that lol. Anyways, enough about me I ain't that interesting.


Gameplay for me is a laugh at the moment, meaning that it is nonexistent. I don't like the new pass system among other things and quite a few of my old friends have quit as well. I still log on to check messages but I don't want no part in competitive stuff anymore. I've done a bit of everything, from being on the #1 Arabian unicorn team to playing around with Mawari, Appy, Paint, and other unicorns on my own to doing some work with horses like Mustang and Quarter. If you've got a schedule I can learn it or make up my own one. What I've learned is the key is simply to use fillers. It's really that simple lol. This new comp thing though I don't like either so I'm not gonna bother with trying to figure it out. I feel as if my time here has about come to an end as far as active competitive game play goes. It's been a fun ride being here since 2007 but this new stuff is just ugh. No thanks I'll pass, lol. Anyways, no, nothing is for sale, don't ask. Thanks for reading, have a nice day!
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