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About Me

My player name is Dizzle and I'm from Europe, the Netherlands to be exact. I am an adult player, that means I'm older than 18 (or 21) and if you need your parents' permission to contact adult players, you should get it.

I have been playing Howrse for several years, since 2009. I started on the international version, back then I was breeding Arabian Horses. When the Dutch version started I quit playing this version and focused on the Dutch one. Then I stopped playing all together for about a year, but now I'm back here on the International version!

PS. The horse on this layout is not mine. I just fell in love with the picture as soon as I saw it. Credits go to Tosca Suto Photography.

About Howrse

I am always in need of Chronus' Timers, Morpheus Arms, Philothes' Stroke and Achilles' Heel. So if you have one of those and if you are in need of Equus or something else, please send me a PM. Then we can trade or work out a deal.

Iridescene since 17th of May 2013
I am currently the leader of the number one Appaloosa Breeding Group, called Iridescene. Our goal is to breed the most prestigious and purest Appaloosa's. We are the number one Appaloosa Group and I'm very proud to be a part of that. The other members of the Iridescene Group are displayed in my friends list. - We never offer coverings or sales above our sales limit! Current sales limit: 3300GP.

Mayhem Racing - 27th of November 2014
I recently joined this warm en welcoming Thoroughbred breeding team! We're currently no.2 and strive to breed pure and prestigious Thoroughbreds. 

I will buy the following Black Market Items! Just send me a PM if you have one of those!
bras-morphee.png?2022188751 Morpheus Arms 
sablier-chronos.png?2022188751 Chronus Timer 
eclair-zeus.png?2022188751 Zeus' Lightning Bolt
talon-achille.png?2022188751 Achillis' Heel 
caresse-philotes.png?2022188751 Philotes' Stroke 

On the Dutch version I have a lot of awesome BMI's like M. Arms, P. Stone, H. Gift, H. Pack, 5th Elements.. Just name it, and I have it on the Dutch version. But I don't play the Dutch version anymore. If you do, I would be happy to do some trading with you! How? I give you the items on the Dutch version that you are interested in and in return, you give me BM Items from the same value (more or less) in this International version. That way it would be a win-win situation!
Just send me a PM if you are interested in doing some trading!


Poem - COPYRIGHT! This is a DUTCH poem, but I translated it.

The loss of a horse. The right of selfishness.

If two brown eyes look at you and beg:
"Please help me, I'm not doing okay!"
Is it justified to be selfish,
Just because you're not ready to step away?

If the veterinarian tells you:
"She is in pain and is not going to recover,"
Is it justified to be selfish,
Just because you can't bear to miss her?

If two brown eyes are closed forever,
And you have to go home all by yourself.
With just an empty halter and a broken heart,
You will convince yourself; It was not justified to be selfish.

All those years you spent together, every day a new adventure.
You laughed and cried and sometimes were in pain.

But, then you remember.

In all those years, not in one single day,
She had ever, never ever, acted selfish.