I'm Kristalee.
I'm 24 years old and I have a cat named Clioh. I like to make new friends, so feel free to message me as long as you aren't expecting me to give you free items, horses or any other such items! When you congratulate me I will do my best to congratulate you back. I don't mean to seem rude if I don't return the favor, I just didn't see your username in time. My favorite breed of horse is Arabian. They're just so beautiful and elegant. I used to ride a retired race horse named Jesse (a thoroughbred). She was a great horse but she passed away a couple years ago.

My old account on here was aroundtheclock, it got deleted because of inactivity.

12 Pandoras Box , 3 Black Orchids, 1 Plutos Parchment, 1 Achilles' Heel
1 Hypnos Blanket , 1 Water Of Youth

Looking For
Unlimited Morpheus arms , Unlimited Aging Points


Arabians: I strive for the highest genetic potential when breeding my Arabs, as I do with all breeds. If you'd like to breed with one of my stallions or would like me to breed you a foal or filly from my Arabians, send me a message! I also just recently started breeding Arabian unicorns! I won't be selling any quite yet, I've just been working to expand my unicorn breeding farm as well as achieve higher GP. I have a list of the people who are waiting for them to be ready.

I'm currently not selling any of my babies, trying to get my breeding farm back up and running again. Not sure how long till I start selling horses again.


Be #1 for general ranking
Be #1 for popularity
Be #1 for trophies
Be #1 for reserve
Have one of my horses become #1 on the elite
Reach 2000 GP
Reach 3000 GP
Reach 4000 GP
Reach 7500 GP
Have all Arabian Coats
Join an Arabian Team
Have a Unicorn
Get 50% Prestige on my Equestrian Center 
Get 100% Prestige on my Equestrian Center 
Have all large meadows with tractors in my Equestrian Center 
Have all large boxes with showers in my Equestrian Center 


02/04/14 - My horse sales will be final in the auctions today. - Went to breed my unicorns last night and didn't have enough equus :( - Amber didn't sell, if you want her check her out either in the auctions or in my horses :)

02/03/14 - Tomorrow is the day my horse sales will be final in the auctions - Forgot to breed my unicorns in the am, hoping i'll be around to breed them in the pm. - Having a bit of trouble blupping my horses due to the competitions (feeling frustrated)

09/26/14 It's been a while since I've actually been active. I'm back now for good I hope. Life seems to get busy when you least expect it!

11/26/16 I'm finally back after a long break, had some personal issues I had to deal with. I've noticed a lot of things have changed, such as the gp of horses. I had to buy a few horses to keep up with the higher gp and since all my 2000-3000 gp horses are worth like noting in sales I have to start up all over again. I wish I would've known they were changing the EC's too, I probably would've went with mountain instead of forest. But hey, what can you do? :D I won't be selling horses for a while, trying to set up an ap farm.