Rising Royalty & Seasonal Marwaris

We Breed Elite Marwari Unicorns! Sure take a look!

If you are interested in buying a uni, please PM me then!

Seasonal Marwari's is a small private team, we don't recruit.

About Me


On the game I breed Marwari Unicorns. In real life I hade 2 Haflinger (love the breed) horses and adore this cuties! But one of them died while ago, since then I don't ride anymore, it isn't what is use to be was. I still miss that crazy horse, She will always have a place in my heart. She is the horse in my avatar, from a couple of years ago. I've been riding since I was 10, I'm an Adult Player, Vegetarian. That's all for now.

I accept all friend request, and try to answer every message!

I love to read, draw, watch movies, going out, playing boardgames..

Some things I like ; Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Supernatural, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Pride and Prejudice, I love Pizza!

I have a account on the dutch server -> Margozondert You can always add me there! I'm from Belgium so my there could be errors in my writing!Sorry!

Sales & Trades

Most of the time I'm selling Horses and Unicorn's, sure take a look! You can always send me a message with a name of a horse you interested in! But I DON'T sell horses with Golden Apple's or Silver Apple, so don't ask.

I Trade BMI'S ( send me pm) and I Trade, but The player with the lowest seniority and lowest karma goes first.

I always need Harmony Packs and or Golden Apples! Helios Ray is also welcome. If you have one to trade, let me know! I have plenty of Pandora's Boxes, Water of Youth's, Hypnos Blankets, Pieces of Clouds and Apollo's lyres! So send a PM with a price if you need one!


I collect Golden Apple en Retired Coat horses.

I'm also a unicorn breeder.

So if you have one for sale for a reasonable price I maybe want to buy it!