A  D  U  L  T      P  L  A  Y  E  R                        

                                                            W E L C O M E 

                                       I DON'T HAVE TIME TO FRIEND. Sorry! :).png?1828806360

                                                        We believe in  CHOICE.                                                                     


                                                 We have your PUREBRED cover

                                                       OVER   3500   stallions !!!     

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    I have never bought a pass in this game. But, they make it difficult if you don't.

                             IF IT IS FOR SALE IT IS LISTED IN THE SALES. PERIOD.

                       NOTE:  Beggars and Wasters of my on-line time will be BLOCKED. 

                             Consider this your one warning. Time is Money.


          I still have my first horse and will never sell him. 

                                         Covers Available Daily. 



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