Hello I am human and am now married to the most beautiful girl in the world. That is all I can say. Please congratulate her.:D_v1828806360.png 

So my girl I recovering well but she's going to be on and off of Howrse. For those who want to join her team feel free to check out the qualifications by clicking her team ❀Kore's Arabians❀ on her page. Shes pretty laid back and easy to work with. 

Please don't ask me or my wife for horses. 

I'm not on much but I'm still here. My wife is more important.

Like me Love me Hate me I don't care. I am still going to be here. :)

I accept all friend requests 

(Jan 27. 2013. my girl  just pointed out to me that it said I was a girl on my account. I just changed that.)