Accepting new Divine and Legendary boarders in my EC! PM for box reservations!

Huge shout-out to Leonie James for single-handedly helping me complete my Music Wandering Horse collection. Show them some love with a congrats!

I go by ~Silverwood~, or Silver for short. I am an adult female that plays this game semi-competitively when my schedule allows. I am casually breeding Criollos on the #1 team, Mαldιçα̃σ dσ Cяισ. We are looking to add a few more members to the team, so please message TawnyTiger or HorseRacingLuvr11 for an application. I am also casually breeding Kerry Bogs under the affix Sᴇɪʀᴇᴀᴅᴀɴ and Irish Hunters under the affix Éɪʀɪɴɴ ɢᴏ Bʀáᴄʜ.

My Rules
I do not accept random friend requests. Friendship is something that must be earned.

I do not tolerate rude or disrespectful behavior, cyber-bullying, or harassment, whether it be in a private message or in my EC forum. All such behavior will be reported to the moderation team.

I do not engage in trades or transactions of any sort that go around the systems in place or for which there is no game-supplied platform. That means that I will not accept store items or Black Market items as part of the purchase price of a horse and I will not trade horses with you. Any and all messages inquiring about such transactions will be reported and the user will be blocked indefinitely.

Once I buy a horse, it is mine to do with what I wish. Please do not message me complaining that you are upset that I put your horse into the Safe Haven or are disgusted that I turned around and re-listed it at a higher price. I do flip horses with the aid of the VIP autobuy perk and that is my primary source of income. While you may not personally like it, it is not a practice that is against Howrse rules.

If a horse is listed for sale with a negotiable price, you are welcome to make an offer, but please keep in mind that I reserve the right to respectfully decline offers that I do not feel are reasonable. Please also note that I will not respond to messages asking what my lowest price is. If you are genuinely interested in the horse, then propose a purchase price and we can negotiate from there. For reference, one pass is worth roughly 275,000 equus based on the current pass horse market.

My Previous Teams
Blazers (Quarter Horses)
Defiance (Thoroughbreds)
Espiritu (Criollos)
Flawless (Fjords)
Frigid Flames (Fjords)
Gaited (Tennessee Walkers)
Into the Dark (Shagya Arabians)
Leyenda (Criollos)
Midnight (Tennessee Walkers)
Moonlight Shadows (Shagya Arabians)
Notorious (Paint Horses)
P R I S M A (Quarter Ponies)
Radioactive (Shetland Ponies)
Sikoa (Arabian Horses)
Sσησяσυѕ (Knabstruppers)
Texas Two-Step (Tennessee Walkers)
Wandering (Gypsy Vanners)

I am looking to buy the following BM items via the Exchanges. Please PM me for current prices.

Achilles' Heel
Bonus Pack
Chronos' Timer
Golden Apple
Harmony Pack
Helios' Ray
Hera's Pack
Horn of Plenty
Medusa's Blood
Morpheus' Arms
Philosopher's Stone
Philotes' Stroke
Piece of Cloud
Zeus' Lightning Bolt

I will not pay more than 300,000 equus as this is the game-implemented price cap.

Please do not reserve items for me without PMing me first. I may not agree to your prices.
My Equestrian Center, ~Sɪʟᴠᴇʀᴡᴏᴏᴅ Sᴛᴀʙʟᴇs~, is located in the mountains and offers 60 equus lessons and a +40 bonus. We currently have 260 boxes, all 3*** and all equipped with showers and water troughs. We also provide fodder, oats, carrots, mashes, 3*** saddles and brides, and 1* saddle cloths, ear bonnets, and polo wraps. Boxes are only available for Divine & Legendary boarding upon request. We are no longer offering boxes to the public to use for skilling. My apologies for the inconvenience.

My forum is open to the public and features the following topics:
Guest Book
Data Topic - Divines
Breeds & Their Top Three Skills
Meadows, Crops, & Seasons
Foal Games Schedule
Special Characters Changes from Dec. 2017
Information About Sales, Trades, & Scams
Letters & Symbols
BLUP Information
Classical & Western Skill Sets
Classical to Western Competition Conversion
Determining Competition Winners (Classical and Western)
Calculating Inborn Skills (IBS)
Calculating Overall Skills with 60e Lessons

My forum topics may be copied into your own forum as long as credit is given where credit is due. Some topics I came up with on my own, while others have been graciously copied from other players' forums.