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Thanks for stopping by anyhow. 

Check out my forum for more dead-ness


I'm busy. You can go now. 

What, you want to know more about me?

Oh, forget it. 

Send me a message I guess?

No, I don't get on enough for that...

Eh, ask for a BM item, I'll give it to you.

No really, I will. I have no use for them anymore. 

Okay, you can go now. 

You want more?

Stop bothering me, okay.

I'm busy, leave me alone.

Go read through my forum, that'll keep you busy.

Signing off for now. Bye.

Really, that's all I got

Okay, just leave now. 

You're getting on my nerves. 



(Yup, that's it. The end.)

(Or is it?)