About woww

I am a Texan born and raised. I have a 2 year old daughter.  I am between 18-25. I have 3 horses, they are all paint mares, decendents from Impressive and Man O War! I trained horses for 7 years, mostly just breaking them in so that someone more knowledgeable can jump on and train them everything else! I have a pitbull mix, 2 lab mixs (fosters), and welcoming a coonhound here soon! My music taste consists of Texas county and "Hick Hop". One of my mare, Misty, is shown 

My Howrses

 I  breed Unis of all breeds on the side. I am dabbling in drafts, and fairly interested in them even if they have no covering left, message me if you have any you are looking to sale. I have 1 project going on, TexasSolidProject, Basically i am breeding foals, right back to the orignal Dam/Sire, dont worry though, they wont be in the sales! I have given up with donkeys, so if you need/want a covering and we can make a deal. I have a nice collection of Golden Apple and Rare Golden Apple coats, though if you are looking to sale one that you own, message me and we can negotiate a price!

Sales & Trades

  • I buy all young mortal horses for 2,900e
  • I buy all uni fails for 2,900e
  • I buy all donkeys for 8,500e
  • I buy all pegasus for 14,000e
  • I buy all immortal horses for 20,000e
  • I buy all drafts for 9,000e
  • I buy all uni's for 30,000e
  • I buy all winged unis for 72,000e
If you think your horse is worth more then what i am offering, message me.
1 Pass equals 100,000e 
I will also accept a GA coat that I dont already have and cut 50k off, RC coats will cut 100k,
  • I buy Hypnos Blankets for 6,000e, each

** I am looking to sell a BULK of 100 horses for 100 (NEW) pass!!!!**



  1. Do NOT ask me the lowest I will take on a horse. Do offer a resonable price we can negotiate
  2. Do sent me a friend request (if you are not on for 6+ days, i will delete you, but feel free to re-add me when you reconnect with the game)
  3. Do send me a message, (wether it be a question, or just to chat)
  4. Do NOT be rude. DO be kind, respectful, and use manners.

I set my sales as negotiable so newer players can get them if they ask kindly! Not so players with over 1 million eqqus can get them dirt cheap. From now on, if you message me asking me to sell you my horse for 2800 or lower, and have over 1 million eqqus. You WILL be blocked, no warnings. The ONLY exception is friends who Ive spoken to quite a bit! 


Horse Trophies
**If they are not listed, I have completed it!(:**

Argentinean Crollio (18/21)
Barb (9/12)
Chincoteague Pony (9/17)
Connermara Pony (9/17)
Curly (10/20)
Fjord (3/5)
Hackney (9/12)
Haflinger (1/3)
Hanoverian (12/13)
Highland Pony (5/10)
Holstiner (3/9)
Irish Hunter (14/17)
Knabstupper (14/17)
Lipizzan (7/9)
Kerry Bog (6/17)
Morgan (13/16)
Newfoundland Pony (13/15)
Nakota (8/9)
French Trotter (0/8)
Drum Horse (1/7)
Quarter Pony (23/27)
Russian Don Horse (8/11)





I always have jobs open! Just PM me with what you would be interested in doing and I will let you know payments and such!

AP Farmer (2 Jobs Open)

- (1) takes care of the last half

-(1) takes care of the first half

Trainers (3 Jobs Open)

If you have a skill I will need to know it (like specializing in anything). I have all kinds of horses/donkeys that need to be trained. Some high GP, some low GP. 



As i do support the NIB breeders. I have chosen to make this area strictly for Foundations, and other NIB horses. These are only coverings, not sales. Message me if you are interested in any of them! breeding costs are only 500. I tried to post all of my foundies here, but the presentation wouldnt let me save, so just message me what horses you breed, and i will give you details to each horse of the breed. This is the BLUP, if the horse isnt 100 BLUP then i will tell you whats missing. If you are interested in them, i will give you links (unless you want to look around yourself!). I am offering for both males and female horses.