This is not my first account of here. I've been playing since 2008.
 I am a part of the LGBT community and a lover of horses and
 video games

I own Quarter Horses and Mustangs. I 
barrel race and compete in ranch versatility and reining. I am also a 
TIP Mustang trainer. I have competed in many 100 day mustang 
training challenges. 

I love superheroes. Carol Danvers is my queen
So is Catra Applesauce Meowmeow

Marvel & DC are my 2 biggest interests, followed by horses

I rank my 3 favorite fictional women as 
(it's more like they're all tied for 1):
1. Kahlan Amnell
2. Xena
3. Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel

I'm always up for a chat, feel free to message me about anything

Me below