1/16/2016    I just started playing again. i will be on but not 24/7 like before... EVERYTHING  is for sale but if you make a offer please make sure its a good one.. I have a few i might not sale. But who knows . Just message me and find out.. :)

1/17/2016... as of today for a few days who knows how long. im going to giving out unis. It will be at random. So talk to me tell me why you think i should give you one :)...

Hello My name is Julie I live in Texas.. I am a adult player a little about me i try to get along with everyone but i do sometimes snap at crazy offers i try not to i really do but hey.. It happens? lol.. It just makes me feel like im kinda getting taken for a dumy or something when it happens.. When i put up a horse for negogible please dont make an offer that you wouldnt take. I mean i get offers on horses for ex( im asking 500 and 1 pass they offer me anything from 1,000 all the way up to @ 20k) I am really sorry but no.Please if you don't have anything you wouldn't want please don't beg me or make crazy offers.I do have a few rules and please follow them.These are due to the scammers out there and no i wont say there names.Due to naming and shamming when they are at fault.

I also buy and resale horses if you want a horse that i bought from you back watch the sales because it might go on there. I also at times do send horses to SH i am sorry but it happens i try not to 1 out of 500 might go.But oncei spend my money its mine so i am sorry. Not trying to be mean or anything at all.. I dont like getting yelled at because of it.
If you have any horse from 500-1000 just pm me and throw them in my sales. If i am holding a horse for you you have 24 hrs to buy the horse unless me and you have made and time argument..
Ok i think thats it thanks for reading and have fun!!!

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