About Me
                 I am now a 19-year-old girl. I'm gonna be starting college in August and I'm super excited! My plan is to become a veterinarian mostly because I just know that is what I'm meant to do partly because I can't picture myself doing anything else. I enjoy reading various kinds of books and I am quite artistic. My favorite kind of music is punk, but I do listen to almost everything. Some of my favorite bands are Good Charlotte, Anti-Flag, Blink 182, and Fall Out Boy.


            Before you contact me please take into consideration that howrse rules must be followed. I will not tolerate bullies nor any sort of rudeness. If you are a bully, I will block you. It would also be appreciated if you did not use chat speak as I do not wish to spend my time trying to decipher it. Please do not ask to buy my RCs or GAs as I have worked hard to get them. Any other horse is potentially for sale except for the ones found in the Coat Trophies tab. On that note, feel free to message me because I love talking to people.

My Game

As of right now, I am apart of the KWPN team Royal Friendship. I know how to blup KWPNs really well but I also know how to blup Marwaris, Akhal-Tekes, Thoroughbreds, and Canadian horses. Currently, my focus has been on completing the coat trophies as well as the unicorn trophy. I'm having a bit of trouble getting certain coats mostly because I have no interest in spending over 100k on a horse just for its coat especially if it's a foal.