Stuff about me:
-I am an adult player, so please ask your parents permission before contacting me if you are under 18.

-I'm happy to respond to most PMs if you want to chat!

-In real life I work as a carriage driver/horse trainer.  I own a quarter horse named Roxy.

Stuff about my game:

-I'm just on here for fun, so I'm not on any teams and I don't try to compete with top players.  I just play at my own pace.

-I'm a bit of a collector so I'm slowly working on a number of collections:

-Unicorn Breeds (45/45)!
     -Winged Unicorn Breeds (45/45)!!!
-Animal Companions (21/25)
-5th Elements (4/5)
-Wanderer's Spirits (13/73)
-All Coats For All Breeds (50/51)
-Pegasus Breeds (30/46)