~ .I'm an ADULT player, but I rarely act like one.  Ask my students
~I am a horse trainer and riding instructor and I love my work.
~I work with mostly Arabians, Off-Track Thoroughbreds, and Mustangs  

~I've ridden most disciplines  including hunter pleasure and over fences, jumpers, dressage, western pleasure, driving, side saddle, sorting, cutting, reining, gymkhana, roping, mounted shooting, saddle seat, and I'm sure something else I haven't mentioned.
~I used to be a bull rider and I worked at rodeos as an announcer and photographer.
~I worked/volunteered with several organizations including Music Saves Lives and To Write Love On Her Arms.  Both do amazing work :)
~I love going to concerts.  Warped Tour is one of my favorite things.
~If you have questions about horses, I love to answer them.
~Having a tough day and just need someone to talk to?  I can do that



~I typically stick to sport horse breeds, because that's what I do for a living.  That includes Warmbloods, TB's, and the occassional Arab ;)
~ I'll accept most friend requests as long as there is some message (as simple as 'hi lets be friends") attached just so I have some idea who you are.  
~ I'm always open to offers and trades, just make sure its a good one.  I buy and sell horses in real life and I'm not afraid to haggle.
~ If you have questions that for some reason you think I could answer, feel free to ask away.



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