Re-established 04/01/20
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Welcome to my page! My account was established about 8 years ago and was recently revived after a little over 6 years of inactivity. Back then my main focus was on RPGs and unicorns, but I have very different goals now. I am currently working to increase my general ranking and breed high GP Lusitanos. I am actively breeding from my personal bloodline and increasing the GP of my horses everyday. Send me a friend request or congratulate me and I will return the favor!

PM me if you are looking for an AP farmer or someone to skill/BLUP your horses! I can BLUP any breed, with lots of experience in Selles, Lusitanos, Friesians, and Arabians!

Be sure to check out my direct sales and make an offer! All sales are negotiable.
Milestones reached:                                  5/13/20 my equestrian center's best competition has officially had 1200 editions and 100 rosettes!                                               5/17/20 400 days on howrse!
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