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a7bb0d20f957c76aa37af76eaa5f35b4.png I took a little hiatus for school but I'm back! I am just playing for fun.

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I like to talk while I play so message me! I know the banner above spells my name wrong but i don't really care because the person who made it for me is really nice(thank you MeemawMouse!).                                                                        have retired from Heavenly Howrses, a Quarter Horse team from way back, Cirque du Dominer, Shagyas, a Shetland Unicorn team, and a KWPN team. I have been on a few others, too. I can't believe I have been on Howrse so long! When I joined, the highest GP was something like 1720, that seems crazy now! I rarely update my page, but if you want to talk, I am always happy to talk.

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Don't be afraid of Death. Be afraid of unlived life.

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Your in-depth results are:

Ravenclaw - 14
Slytherin - 11
Gryffindor - 10
Hufflepuff - 10